Quarantine diary – Week 2 or 3

It is saturday and we have just gone through the 3rd week on quarantine. Coronavirus has reached the impressive number of over 1 million cases and has killed more than 60 thousand people around the world (this number can be much higher since only the severe cases are being counted). In comparison with influenza that has reached something around 3-5 million severe cases and about 290-650 thousand deaths over the course of 2019, COVID-19 seems to be a bit more savage in its spreadness.


Quarantine diary – Person Crazyness Calculator

It was saturday afternoon and I was bored! I had just upgraded the family notebook with a new SSD hard drive and a more memory. It makes a great difference and I recommend you to do it as well, if you have a slow Intel I3 notebook around. While I was setting it up the idea of a calculating one´s crazyness hit me. Here it is.


Quarantine diary – Week #1 or 2

This is actually week two of quarantine. Check here why I’m calling this week #1.

Man! I don’t know about you, but it feels like forever sometimes! The sensation that the week and days are longer than it actually should be. Yet, at the same time most of the days flows by like it have just started.. weird! Let me try to give you an example.

I wake up, brush my teeth.. don’t eat anything and go straight to my desk to start working. To be completely honest I start working, reading emails and get gears running while I’m still seated at the johnson – yep, I seat even if there is no number 2. It is like that when you are at home, you are working in places and occasions that you are not supposed to. Then finally I go to my desk and the day is official started. Kids wake up.. they come kiss me, wife gets up. She looks at me grumpy for no reason. She is not a morning person. I go non-stop meeting after meeting.. reports after reports.. code, planning.. work stuff.. full speed. When I look at the watch it is almost NOON! I realize I haven’t had breakfast. “Crap!.. let me get up real quick and eat something”. Wife goes grumpy again, “It is almost lunch time!” she says, I ignore her. Lunch time.. work again.. time goes by fast it is almost 17:00. Kids starting asking me to participate the routine stuff we have planned, exercise, games, reading and all that.. it goes until 21:00ish.  I do that 3 days in a row.. in the fourth day I’m feeling EXHAUSTED!!! The days were fun, it went by fast, everything was awesome.. but it is still thursday!!! What a weird sensation! Everyday goes like a snap! Click! But the overall feeling is that I’m here for ages!!


Quarantine diary – Home Office challenges of a fulltime mom/dad

As the COVID-19 put big economies such as Italy, Spain, USA and Germany to its knees we have been asked to contribute to flatten the infections curve by staying at home. For many of us, IT workers, working from home is somewhat ok. You may be doing this for a long time already. For another portion of us, working from home is an occasional event that allows you to rest a bit from commuting, waking up early or just  a break from office environment in general. If you are doing that for a long time you probably have a good chair, a good set of monitors a high speed internet connection and most importantly a dedicated space to separate you from what I call the “House vortex”. From cambridge dictionary [House] vortex is defined as follow:

– a mass of air wife/husbands  or water kids that spins screams  around very fast loud and pulls objects people into its empty centre

– a dangerous or bad funny situation in which you become more and more involved and from which you cannot escape



Extract frames from video using Python threads and OpenCV

In my research I wanted to process each frame of a given video individually and also know some details about it. Here is the code I created to achieve it. The code in python will extract all the frames of the video and store it in a folder given as parameter. Im using OpenCV to get the video details and extract the frames and threads to do it quickly.


Brazil racial statistics and my 38th birthday

Today is march 20th, it is my birthday!

One hundred and thirty years have passed since slavery was banished from my country but it is still crazily far from race equality. We, black people represent 55,8% of the country but opportunities, salaries, studies and access is given to the other 44,2% half. 75% of the deaths caused by police actions are young black men. Only 60% of black student are able to graduate from high school. Around 56% of young black people of age 18-24 are able to reach college, while the rate of white people of the same age are around 80%. Continue…

Content-Based Identification Algorithms Combination Framework Against Audiovisual Piracy

Author: Torres,A.; Demanboro A.C.


With the event of the Internet, video and image files are widely shared and consumed by users from all over the world. Recent studies point out that one out of two internet users have engaged in activities classified as illicit. Unauthorized copy, distribution or publishing of digital content without the proper rights holder consent is what is commonly called piracy. Those that profit from digital piracy ignore the intellectual property laws and copyrights from the owners, programmers, distributors and many others that live and depend on the economic value of these assets. Methods to identify these files have emerged to preserve intellectual and commercial rights such as content-based identification techniques also known as perceptual hashing. With said techniques a unique identifier is generated making possible to compare two images or videos and decide if they are equal, similar or different. This article has as objective to discuss the application of content-based identification technologies as a method to fight piracy, presenting a framework where perceptual hashing can be used to prevent publishing and/or distribution of video content. The methodology proposed is to combine four types of perceptual hash (ahash, dhash, phash, whash) to make it possible to identify illegal videos with more accuracy. The results are encouraging, considering the most common forms of attacks.

Index Terms: Content-Based Identification, Piracy, Security, Intellectual Property


Infinite loop using wget

Im working in a project where I have to simulate traffic to certain website sites. The solution had to be simple and while python would be the obvious choice bash was right there with wget to be used with less lines and libs than python.