Google Home speaks portuguese! So do we!

It is almost a year since I bought the Google Home device for my personal use. I bought the Google mini and a alternative version of the Google Home called Insignia just because it had a watch.

My kids just looooved the thing.. it was a great incentive for them to speak English and train their vocabulary.. you know ask for musics, small tasks, ask for address and such. But what I noticed was that after a while, they kept asking the same things from memory.. it wasn’t like they were actually learning anything new. And there was no way to change the language because back then it only spoke a few languages, like french and Spanish.. but no Portuguese.

But, I just noticed that after the latest update and the app revamp , Portuguese was available. It is just easier for the kids and wife to interact with the assistant now and we are really having fun!

Another upgrade is that for some reason the network driver of the Google home devices was not so good, it kept loosing the wifi signal and we often asked for something and it replied with something like  “Sorry, there seems to have a problem with the network”. It was not showing up in Spotify as a possible device connection and a reboot would have to be done to have it available again.. now it is everywhere.. connection simply works!

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