Quarantine diary – Week #1 or 2

This is actually week two of quarantine. Check here why I’m calling this week #1.

Man! I don’t know about you, but it feels like forever sometimes! The sensation that the week and days are longer than it actually should be. Yet, at the same time most of the days flows by like it have just started.. weird! Let me try to give you an example.

I wake up, brush my teeth.. don’t eat anything and go straight to my desk to start working. To be completely honest I start working, reading emails and get gears running while I’m still seated at the johnson – yep, I seat even if there is no number 2. It is like that when you are at home, you are working in places and occasions that you are not supposed to. Then finally I go to my desk and the day is official started. Kids wake up.. they come kiss me, wife gets up. She looks at me grumpy for no reason. She is not a morning person. I go non-stop meeting after meeting.. reports after reports.. code, planning.. work stuff.. full speed. When I look at the watch it is almost NOON! I realize I haven’t had breakfast. “Crap!.. let me get up real quick and eat something”. Wife goes grumpy again, “It is almost lunch time!” she says, I ignore her. Lunch time.. work again.. time goes by fast it is almost 17:00. Kids starting asking me to participate the routine stuff we have planned, exercise, games, reading and all that.. it goes until 21:00ish.  I do that 3 days in a row.. in the fourth day I’m feeling EXHAUSTED!!! The days were fun, it went by fast, everything was awesome.. but it is still thursday!!! What a weird sensation! Everyday goes like a snap! Click! But the overall feeling is that I’m here for ages!!


After the seventh day locked up at home I started to feel a bit crazy. I had to get out! I was like Nazaré Tedesco in that famous footage*. What I did was invent something at the office..just to get out of the house. “I simply have to go there.. I said”, and off I went to the office which is an hour and half away from my house, by car. It was just an excuse. I was 7 days already fulfilling my citizen duty of not getting infected or infect anybody. Needed a break! Was in my car, didn’t talk or touched anybody in the commute, and the office was empty soooo.. all good – don’t judge me. Came back renewed, refreshed to go through another cycle of 7 days lockdown routine.

How is it being for you? For me, I have to admit – and this is something I caught myself “stargazing” yesterday while exercising at our living room – it has been really fun! Tiresome, tough.. but really, really cool. I haven’t had that much fun and time with the kids and wife in a very long time! Vacations doesn’t count.

What an amazing opportunity to get closer to your family! To assess your values and what matters the most! What a wonderful chance to realize and confirm that you got married with a charming, dedicated and fun person! The kids are so fun!! Whatever the age they are, each phase they go through is an adventure. I have three kids. A 13, 10 and 7 years old. 2 boys and a girl.. the little one is the girl. They are 3 years apart from each other.. and as you can imagine they fight a lot! Dude, they fight a LOT.. over a glass of water, over the last piece of bread in the table.. over who gets to the end of the corridor first.. The little one lost a tooth this week in one of those plays/fight. She was running after the middle one when he suddenly closed the door after passing through it.. too fast, she was right behind him.. bam! Tooth was there hanging for the desperation of our little lady. check it out.


If you are of them gym rats this part may be easy for you. I used to run a lot. In 2018, I finished a half marathon, 21km! But my work transformed me into something that is between an athletic guy and chubby one.. lets see who wins. So, in a way I’m accustomed to the gym drills and dynamics. The instructor tells you what to do, you do it.. he/she checks on you to see if you are sucking at it or doing good.. and that is it.. you come back next day all sored and keep going until that pain is no longer an issue. The more you go the more you actually like it and expects the pain. No biggie, everyone at least once in their life has already passed through it. But, it is quarantine times. There is no gym opened!! I have no material, no equipment, no education to do exercise on my own. How the heck am I going to do it?!

Social network! Youtube! that’s how. The gym professor happens to be our friend and he created a group on Whatsapp to share the workout maneuvers. He then started to upload the same small videos to youtube and I get to see them on the TV. Wonderful job! Fun too! Be careful not to engage with those instagrams “sport influencers wanna be” that will tell to perform reckless and irresponsible stuff like a double twist carpado or something like that. Make sure you have proper assessment from a professional.

It turns out you don’t need all the equipments to feel the pain :). The weight of your body will do the job. All those squats, pushups and burpees can destroy you! I’m destroyed, all sored. And you can use anything in your house, broomstick, the sack of rice, the water bottle.. that is it! 50 minutes a day, everyday and you will be in good shape. Dancing in front of the Xbox is also an option.


My kid’s school is sending regularly the material to study and what we have to cover during that particular period. They are in different levels of difficulty which therefore requires a different type of parent commitment. All in all I think we are doing ok. Around 21:00, I took the challenge to read with my oldest boy an entire book in english as a way to boost his efforts to learn the language.


Homemade bread time!

Game Play

Time to get those dusty board games out of the closet.

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  1. Zambelli disse:

    I am really impressed… how big the kids are! I remember your little girl as a baby, time really flies!

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