Choose your Ecosystem and love your choice

The phrase “Choose your love and Love your choice” was said in 2011 by Thomas S.Monson, it has to do with marriage and love and fidelity but it made much more sense to me this last days when I decided to move away from Iphone\iOS and go to Android. Then I paraphrased Thomas with the following: Choose your Ecosystem and love your choice.

Well, it is no news that Android, Apple and Microsoft have their own set of tools and programs to deal with the daily human activities. Contacts, messages, pictures, movies and everything else you produce in your phone or tablet has a way to get to the infamous CLOUD. No drama, for most stuff you can easily transfer ones data from one place to another without too much of a hassle. Until you hit a bump that is impossible to transpose – unless you pay – and the sentence will make more sense. Stick to your damn operational system. If you are an apple guy.. be happy with it, Android guy… lovely. Going back and forth will give you nothing but headaches.

Here´s my recent nightmare.

My wife has been an Apple user since day one. She had (still do btw) an Iphone 6. But the old bastard was getting less and less effective on the battery duration. Time to buy another one. Buying another Iphone in today´s price standards is simply impossible for an average guy like me. No fu&%%g way! time to get a cheaper one.. and Samsung A something with Android on it. Perfect solution right!? Yes, for everything but Whatsapp.

Did you know that there is no way to recover your Whatsapp backup file from Icloud and use in Android an vice-versa? Horrible!!!! The only free way is to re- message (email) yourself each and every chat you have interest on. Crazy!! There is no easy way to get it on the same app if you migrate from one platform to another. unless you use a paid solution.

Why recovering was so important.

You could ask yourself -Why the heck do you want to recover your messages so badly? Ohh it could be for any reason, business, personal and sentimental purposes.. or any other prosaic motivation. In my case, my father-in-law had recently passed away and his voice messages along with his conversation with my wife was in her old phone. You get how stressed she was when I gave her newly configured phone without the old man messages.

Recovering it

After googling a little bit I found the Wondershare Dr.Fone Toolkit iOS & Android application that promises to deliver the job. But not for free. I had to pay 21$ US dollars to get the license of the thing without knowing for sure it would work. A leap of faith was needed…

After some reading, I was able to recover all her messages an chats from the Iphone to the Android. The process was simple and straigth forward… besides the waiting time.. it was no rocket science to accomplish the task.

Only one minor detail to add. The messages and chats are all recovered to the Android. but the order of the are not organized by date.. it recovers it all randomly across the timeline which is a bit weird.

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