Early 2000 nostalgia with Microsoft Zune

It was thrown in some drawer along with a bunch of cables and accessories I never use. Have you stopped a minute to check how many crap you have storred in your closet? PSVita? Old Nintendos, Old Ipods ou MP3 players? geee I have all that. Last week I turned the PSvita on, played a little and returned it back to where it was. And this week by chance I was trying to make my kid’s Hercules DJ work with Linux.. (waste of time) when I found it there… laying in its solitud, long abandoned, Yes, the Microsoft Zune 30GB. Would it still work? I wondered.

Found the charging cable and it worked!

Zune was a line of digital media products and services marketed by Microsoft. It consisted in a line of portable devices , music and video streaming services… launched in 2006. The service was discontinued in 2012 and eventually replaced by Microsoft Groove Music which also went capuft in 2017. Shame!

The devices were decent with good sound quality and sturdy built. They were meant to compete with the Apple Ipods that were already in the market since 2001. Zune’s devices went from 4 to 120GB in space ending up with the Zune HD or 3D which was a masterpiece that didn’t make much success.

I use Linux at home and I remember Zune never worked properly with it. So after charging I need a way to transfer files to it although my entire music library was still there..preseved an functional.. amazing.. after so many years! Well, onto to google research. Im still amazed with what I found.

An active Zune community!

Googling a bit I found a Reddit group called \Zune (duh) that is active since 2008. Thats alright.. what surprised me though was that there were posts from a couple of hours ago.. like 2 hours ago… interesting…

It blew my mind to see that people were actually bringing, finding, BUYING their devices and making it active. There was even a dude that said that he had it for the first time!! Geee.. this nostalgia thing is for real!

An active community with over 3.5k members and people actually putting stuff out there. Very cool! No solution for Linux though. We still have to relay on Windows VM and install Microsft junk to have old buddy Zune to sync new songs. No biggie! All softwares, patches, and old days background are consolidated in a page called zuneupdate.com

Why would anyone need a MP3 player these days?

Good question! I dont have the definite answer but I can think of a few reasons

  • To save your phone battery juice – By using a dedicated music song you may have more productivity done on your phone
  • Some musics are simply not available on Music Streaming services such as Spotify, Google Music or Apple. Then you can carry those with you in your Zune
  • Space! These babies can carry an enormous ammount of music files.. millions even. 30GB -120GB can carry more songs you can listen and probably more than your phone will carry without compromise other stuff.
  • It is VINTAGE, People are usin freaking VINYLs saying quality is better yada yada.. reality is that it gives a touch o cool to whomever has that round player in their living room.

In my case, I’m now looking for a bluetooth transmitter that I can hook into the audio jack and be even cooler using it to listen music with my wireless headphones!! Old but New!


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