I just left my job and everybody is asking me why

It seems like yesterday when I try to remember my early days as a senior security engineer at Nagra. Back in 2015 the market was shifting technologies from traditional pay-tv operation via satellite and acellarating the migration to OTT platforms. Netflix as an example had 72 millions users against 192 millions today and there was no Amazon Prime, Disney+ or any of todays popular streaming service. I was coming from the MSS (Managed Security Services) business and my background was entirely on network threat and prevention techniques. Back then I had a thin and superficial knowledge of the pay-tv world and embraced the challenge to learn.

During this almost 6 years I grew from a senior engineer where the atributions were strictly and mainly related to technical challenges to a Manager, responsible for products, people and revenue. I travelled half of the world participating on events, trade shows, technical lectures and trainings, police raids, investigation, treaties, government events and ceremonies, agreements and negociations, vendors management and hiring and many, many, many, many meetings with industry stakeholders. The team grew in size and contribution to the company business unit. Im glad to say that I also collected the respect and admiration of most people – I inevitably acquired the rage and wrath of a few as well. Challenge and opportunity wise I was also blessed with the responsability of building tools and technology that has the potential to change the game of pay-tv industry and piracy fighting.

Why? Was the natural question made by anybody that worked with me and was striked with the news. Why does anybody with such a promissing and fruitful environment would want to change jobs? Research says that the answer can vary from lack of opportunities, unsatisfaction with the leadership or senior management, environmental/cultural issues, lack of a challenging work, disagreement with the compensation packages or sallary an ultimately the absence of recognition/rewards of ones contribution. Luckily the reason Im leaving was not related to any of those.

The chance to pivot into becoming a thought leader

Honest be told. Ive always been in the look for a new and better job. The reason is simple. I believe that the best time to change from one company to another is when you dont have/need to. Often when one feels the urgent need or is forced to change they will be more likely to accept mediocre offers and lower their requirements to get out of an existing position. I know many people that had unfortunately slept through this moment. They stop advancing in their current position and there is a wake up moment when the change is not only needed but necessary.. and that is very bad! Additionaly, putting yourself in a place where you have to learn new skills an gain experience will force your mind to adapt and be shapped for future opportunities.

There are even people that says you lose money by not changing jobs! The logic behind this is that there would be always a susbstantial increase of salary when you are asked to join a new company. You basically buid upon the advantage of not being unemployed. If the salary doesnt work for you, you can simply decline the offer an keep looking while retaining the existing role. The jump from one job to another generally represents an increase of 30% on your year payables – Off course there is a risk in there.. but I wont talk about it.

If salary is ok, environment is good, the work and challenges you are faced with are exciting why would you want to change then? My answer is – I was ready to move on to a more strategic and influencial position. Beyond that and despite of my position in the company I wanted to be part of a team that had energy, youth and most importantly a innovative mindset. A company where cutting edge technologies were used and people were constantly thinking on how to use that to achieve a purpose. A company that would be in a growth position where both product and market were on the rise. Then I started looking, finally found something that filled the gaps and hopefully the risk of trading the stability and confort zone for uncertainty will pay off.

Im taking a job in a company called IdWall as the Head of Information Security. The job day to day activities, challenges and opportunities are yet to be revealed but they have been winning the race of onboarding as the biggest #regtech in South America and that alone is a good motive to embrace. Furthermore the offer an environment that is more fruitfull for my career growth and my journey as a thought leader.

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