Installing CouchPotato on WD PR4100

Recently I bought a 4 bay NAS equipment to store movies and whatnot. Ater a few rounds of googling I found that the device has some features and apps that were added by the community such as Plex and CouchPotato available here.

Documentation is not the best out there, but I eventually discovered that the entware package is required for most of the enhancements that you may want to add to the thing, so install it first. Ok, onto the installation of the CouchPotato that would enable me download the movies I want according to my preferences. Uploaded the binary code and it says it did its thing, but the service never came up. Interesting.

Well, basic troubleshooting indicated that the service related to the CouchPotato was no up. Checked the default couchpotato port 5050 and there was nothing there. The PR4100 saves all new softwares that you add on to the first bay disk in a folder called “/shares/Volume_1/Nas_Prog”.  Great! Found the couchpotato folder and started looking around. There is a bunch of scripts in there. One in particular says “”. Tried to run it and BAM! the error appeared.

Python not found? What the hell? Let’s check where python is. I used the command “find” because there was no  “whereis” command in this thing.

Alright so there is a python 2.7 installed but the name is a bit different from what the script is calling. Ok then.. lets adjust the “” script to have the proper python name and location.

Changed the “PYTHON_DIR” and PYTHON variable to reflect the correct path and name of python.


Now the service should come up for you as it did for me!


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