About me

I’m Andy Torres. I live in Hortolândia, São Paulo  ( Fun fact – Horto in spanish means “ass”, yes I live in the assland), Brazil. I have more than 15 years working with security and systems administration. Lately I’m working in a anti-piracy unit helping to combat piracy of premium content for content providers and service operators. I’m proud to be the guy representing the company and sometimes the industry in lectures and training to authorities, regulators, law enforcement agents and stakeholders…looks fancy, right?

I lead a research, security and investigation laboratory and we achieve great things by discovering the hidden secrets of piracy. I like to think that I’m good at using Python, PHP, Android, Machine Learning, OpenCV, OCR, Fingerprinting, Watermarking, Networking tools, Virtual Machines and other magics to achieve the results and success. Not too long ago, I was an expert in security platforms such as IDS, IPS, HIDS, Firewalls and SIEMS.

What is this about?

I needed a way to keep track of my crazy mind over time – I read things I may find interesting, then document my research with a public blog post, which I can easily find and refer to later…. you know, there is a big chance I will forget those things…. The posts, ultimately, may help somebody going through similar situation, so we are all benefit by the process.

Why writing in English?

I work with information security and development for task automation. This means, in practice that the literature of related things of the field, are rarely in Portuguese. So, since I read in English, why not write it too? Because I am not native? Because, of the potential number of grammatical errors? Maybe. But at it looking from a different angle, makes me realize that even writing in Portuguese I would not be free of those risks. In the era of social networks, writing wrong is the standard of communication, simply because people value “making themselves understood” rather than writing properly. In this paradigm, correct writing, in fact increases the risk of the writer not being understood … :). So why not take a chance?
So the posts related to technical things and nerd things of this blog will be in English. The other posts, related to running, bike and other adventures may be in Portuguese.